What type of tracking software will I be set up with?

We use Google Analytics (GA), the gold-standard in web analytics. GA allows for a variety of custom dashboards and performance tracking.

How many web campaigns do you track at a time?

Track unlimited campaigns when you use tracking links (we can help you implement). In addition to general web tracking (visitors, bounce rate, conversions, etc.), all packages come with five custom goal-metrics.

What types of marketing do you offer beyond tracking, analyzing and content strategy?

We do not create or manage marketing campaigns, ads, or social media accounts. We can however provide excellent consulting and also provide you with our personal resource list of top-notch professionals that can help you manage your accounts and implement campaigns like Facebook ads, Google ads, Youtube ads, and more.

What data do you track with Google Analytics? How robust is the technology?

Google Analytics is a remarkable tool that allows you to keep a finger on the pulse of your online presence.

Do you need access to the back end of my website?

No. We do not need access to the back end of your website. All of your website information remains secure and private.